Thursday, October 2, 2008

Crawl Baby Crawl

Life lessons from a baby

The day started like any other. Jaylee again snuck into our bed in the middle of the night. She is so sneaky, she doesn't even wake us up. She wedges herself in between us and that's that. I really don't mind it. It's not every night, a few times a week. And I think it is kind of sweet. It's nice waking up and seeing her there.

After breakfast Jaylee and I played with Marshall on his bedroom floor. Jaylee was crawling around showing him how to crawl....and he assumed the position!
He realized what he just did, and he got so excited. I love that sweet baby squeal that he does.

And then he tried AGAIN. Only this time he brought one knee up, like he was going to take off....but then collapsed flat to the floor again! He sighed.

Time is going by so fast. It seems like yesterday that he was
a newborn baby. And it seems like yesterday that Jaylee was
a tiny little newborn. She is walking and talking. Talking in
sentences. She is so independent. And before I know it, so will

This little boy has been the light at the end of my tunnel
over the past few months. People aren't always as they
seem. And I have learned that you can't depend on others
to give you happiness. It is all up to you.

We all make a conscious decision. When something stressful
is happening in our lives there is a moment where we decide what to do with it. Are we going to handle this in a negative way, or in a positive way?

"People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within."~ Elizabeth Kubler-Ross ~

I guess the moral to the story is, life is too short. No matter what is going on in your life good or bad, act in kindness. Put on a smile and happiness will find you.

Look at life the way a child does. Look at everything carefully and notice the beauty in everything, you too will be amazed. You will start to notice things that you didn't notice before. Slow down and take things in. You will notice a spark of happiness deep inside of yourself. A spark of happiness and love that you would have missed if you didn't slow down.

No matter how dark things become, find the good in it. Because everything happens for a reason. Trust that and know that and you will start to live your life in a different light.

Peace and love....

Sunday, September 28, 2008


I found a new passion this past summer. My husband bought me a fancy camera for Christmas to help me document our babies lives.
It came with some classes. I didn't expect too much, but something unleashed in me.......

A picture. A memory forever frozen in time. A second of my life captured in a photograph for me to treasure for all time. You can take a picture and actually freeze time and treasure it for the rest of your life. Your children and their children can have this memory that was once yours. A second of your life, with the click of a camera, forever captured in a picture. A single moment that no longer exists is now yours to keep. How amazing is that!

My children and their children can look at these photographs and take a look back into time. Children grow and life changes. Moments come and go. And moments are sadly forgotten. But attached to each and every photograph is a memory and a feeling that will now be remembered for all time.

My husband laughs at me because wherever we go, the camera goes too. But I can't help myself. You never know when a special moment will arise, and I can capture it forever. Something beautiful captured forever in a photograph.

Children grow and change so fast, and along with that
you forget the little things. When you learn how to take pictures you learn how to look for the beauty in things that you took for granted before. You notice how when the light hits someone just the right way, that it is beautiful.

Treasure every moment, like when my daughter was splashing in a fountain on a hot summer day. Part of me wanted to pull her away, so that she wouldn't get soggy and dirty. But the bigger part of me noticed what a precious moment. Don't we all wish we could be this care free. Without a care in the world. Just living in the moment. This is a moment in time that I will always treasure. I look at this photo and I can still hear her laughing and squealing just like it was yesterday.

A single moment.......with a click of a button has now left it's permanent mark.

How amazing.

A little girl playing dress up and taking a peek out of the window.

Life goes by so fast. Life is beautiful, but can be so hard sometimes. People change and children grow. How easy it is to forget the simple times. The memories that you thought you would never forget, you sometimes do. It is amazing how sometimes if you smell a certain smell or see a certain photograph, a memory can be sparked, and brought back to life.

It is so wonderful to learn the world all over again through a child's eyes. When we took my daughter to the ocean she was so excited that

she lept with joy! How many of us really enjoy and really see the beauty in all things.

How many times have you taken something or someone for granted.
How many times have you been "not so nice" to the people around you? How many times have you taken the earth for granted, being too lazy to recycle, and too lazy to make a conscious decision to make good choices for our planet? I think we have all made that mistake.

Life is so short.
Live life like there is no tomorrow.

Treat people with kindness and be the best person that you can be.

You never know when life can be stripped from someone that you care about. You never know when a beloved friendship can come to a screeching halt.

A precious photograph, that was a precious moment that can easily go without being noticed, now becomes a precious memory. If I didn't have my camera close I would have missed this shot. If I missed this photograph, I would have already forgotten this memory. My baby boy watching his sister with such intensity. How much of a strong bond that they have already, only knowing each other for 4 months.

Life goes on, but those moments stay behind. New moments are constantly being created, and sadly moments are forgotten.
These are a few of my favorite photographs. Each one I took and each one holds a special place in my heart. Memories that are brought back to life every time I look at one.
Peace and love.....