Thursday, February 25, 2010

Little Bro Turns 2!

Well if finally happened. Marshall turned two.
His second birthday party was a success. With each year of birthday parties, they seem to become louder and crazier! I am guessing that this pattern will continue each and every year.

Mickey Mouse was the theme. Marshall is obsessed with Mickey Mouse these days. The boy lives and breathes Mickey Mouse.

He was so cute when we were singing happy birthday to him. He put his little finger by his mouth and smiled while everyone sang. He was loving it, but was playing the shy act.

Big sister and little bro. My babies, who technically aren't babies anymore. Where is the time going? These two and their love, hate relationship kills me. One minute they are playing all sweetly, and the next someone is crying. They are so alike, but so different.
Jaylee is the entertainer. She likes to be the center of attention. Along with that, comes the dramatics. Marshall is a little more passive and laid back. He already knows how to press his sister's buttons. The only thing that gets him really upset, is if you mess with his food. Marshall will eat and drink just about anything, Jaylee is so fussy with food.

The next morning, he was still carrying around his Mickey birthday balloons.
All and all his birthday was a success.
He is two, next year he will be three. Before I know it he will be 18 and off to college.
No matther what, he will always be my little Bubby Butt!
Peace and love.......