Thursday, February 9, 2012

Squeaky Clean....

Monday, February 6, 2012

Not so February

It has been such a strange winter.  We live in Virginia, so it's not unusual to have a mild winter, but this is crazy.  Here it is the very beginning of February and it's warm enough to go outside with only a sweater!

I took these pictures last week when it was around 65 degrees!  Jaylee was in school, but Marshall went outside and played on his swing set.  Sawyer even got to sit outside on the front porch.

Even our kitty was enjoying this warm weather climbing trees.

Today we had a visitor, actually 2 visitors.  We moved out here in the country just a few months ago, so we aren't used to having critters.  
They were getting a drink of water off of our porch, I threw out some peanuts and it didn't take them long to come back and get them.

Out dog Woody and the cats were watching very intensely!

We love living out here in the country.  It's so quiet, peaceful and so beautiful!
Peace and love.....