Friday, February 24, 2012

Things I learned yesterday...

Yesterday the kids and I were very sick.  We had a very violent stomach virus.  
Poor Russ had to play nurse to us pukeys yesterday.
Thankfully Russ and Sawyer didn't get sick.

Over the day I was vomited on 3 times.
And so was our couch, floor (in multiple places), bed, sink....

There were a few things that I learned. 

#1)  When a 4 year old tells you that he has to throw up, he means within the next few seconds.

#2)  Don't give your puking children red Gatorade to drink.  Red Gatorade vomit on a light colored carpet, isn't pretty!

#3) Popsicles make everything better.....

I felt so horrible for them.  I am so thankful for my husband staying home yesterday to take care of us.  We own our own business, so it's not easy for him to just take the day off.  There is no way that I could care for 2 vomiting children and a baby when I was sick myself.  I was afraid to handle the baby too much because I didn't want to make him sick.  

Russ took good care of us.  He cleaned up vomit, he comforted the poor kiddos and he even made us home made chicken noodle soup.  He picked up the kids medicine and took them to the Dr's.  He even did laundry!!

I was very worried about them because the vomiting just wouldn't stop.  But when they finally went to sleep last night no one woke up to throw up and they both woke up happy and very HUNGRY.

Poor Marshall lost 2 pounds being so sick and Jaylee ended up being slightly dehydrated.  The Dr said if they weren't better the next day they would probably need IV fluids, but luckily they are much better today.

It was a great feeling to hear them laughing and playing again today.
So now the disinfecting continues....
and let's hope that no one else gets sick!

Peace and love....

Monday, February 20, 2012

Where's Marshall???

So today during nap time I went upstairs to change Sawyer's diaper.  I walked by Marshall's room and peeked in, but he wasn't in his bed.  He wasn't in Jaylee's room or in Sawyer's room.  He wasn't in our bed or in our closet.  He wasn't in the basement.... he wasn't in the play area.  He wasn't in any of the bathrooms.  He wasn't in the kitchen or behind the couch.  So I started to panic.  I looked for him for over 15 minutes!!!

Then I noticed our cat stareing at the linen closet in the upstairs hallway.  I opened the closet door and this is what I saw....

Peace and love......