Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Adventures of Jaylee and her first loose tooth!!!

Not only did she start kindergarten, but she got her first loose tooth all in the same week!!
She was so excited, that she wiggled it constantly.

She ended up loosing her tooth the day after I took the picture above.

When I say lost..... I mean really lost.  We think she ate it at lunch.
So she was pretty disappointed.....

Thankfully, we have the best dentist and dental staff ever!!  Jaylee happened to have a dentist appointment the next day.  They slipped Russ a fake tooth, so he told her that he found her tooth in the lost and found box at school!!

Doesn't this make the best first lost tooth story ever!!!

She stuffed her tooth fairy pillow that night, and received $5.00 bucks from the tooth fairy!!

Win, win all around....

Look at that face.  These are the moments that I wait for.  These are the best moments of a kids life.  I wish this sort of magic still happened for us grown ups.  Oh wait, it does.  We get it back when we have our kids.  Life is so good.

Peace and love.......