Saturday, April 14, 2012


Russ brought us home 6 baby ducklings that were only a few days old.
We are in love with them.  They are so sweet and so cute.

They don't mind be held and cuddled.  This one here is the smallest one of the bunch that Jaylee named "Tiny"

It was pretty warm out, so we gave them a practice swim, to get them used to the water.

Marshall was so curious about their feet.  He kept looking and touching their little duck feet.  He was so curious.  It was so sweet to watch.

Even Paolo was curious....

It is so exciting getting our little "farm" started.  It's going to be a great spring and summer!!

Peace and love......

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter weekend

We started our weekend by heading over to our friends the Alexanders to color Easter eggs, and have an Easter egg hunt outside.

The weather was so perfect the whole weekend.  Even our dog Woody was enjoying the sunshine!

We colored Easter eggs again with our friends the Betterelli's!

The kids got to visit the Easter Bunny too!

Easter morning was so much fun.  The kid's came down and saw their loot.

Then they went on an Easter egg hunt through the house.

The Easter bunny brought Sawyer his very first stuffed Easter bunny.
Poor Sawyer hasn't felt well the whole weekend.  He is teething and very uncomfortable!
He got 2 of his bottom front teeth within a week of each other!

After I got Easter dinner started, and cleaned up we went outside and I took some pictures of the kids.

Marshall's face is priceless in the photo below!

I got a few good ones of Sawyer, but it was hard because he was so fussy..

I couldn't be more proud of these 3 beautiful children!

Jaylee is growing up way too fast!!

And Marshall..... is hilarious!

We really enjoyed our first Easter in our new home with our family and friends!!  Most everyone came over for a ham feast and the guys worked in the yard, the kids played and the girls hung out inside.  It was a great time!!

Happy Easter!!

Peace and love......