Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sawyer's 1st Birthday Party

It's party day!
The cake turned out so cute.

Sawyer left his party hat on for about 2 seconds!
So the next reasonable thing to do is to dress up the dog!!!!

Maddie Dawg was such a good sport.
She works for food :)

Russ and Jaylee being all silly

Marshall was keeping an eye on the snack table.
He had it under control!

Sawyer was trying to give Pappa Bob a push.

Sawyer's girlfriend Kennedy came to Sawyer's first party.
They are just 3 months apart.
I love Kennedy's parents, so we are already planning the wedding!!

Well we stripped Sawyer down to his diaper to prepare him for his first cake eating feast.

He didn't want any part of it!
He looked at us like we were crazy people when we were singing to him.
Then we put his little mini cake in front of him and he wouldn't even touch it.
I put some frosting on his lips, and he wanted out of his high chair.

Jaylee and her girlfriends Mia and Vada

Sydney, Jaylee and Mia

It was such a perfect day.
The weather was perfect, the food was yummy and we were surrounded by our family and friends.
Life is good.
Peace and love....

Sawyer's 1st Birthday

October 5, 2012

Today is Sawyer's 1st birthday.  It's crazy to me how fast his first year on this earth with us has gone by.  My Mom and Grandparents came into town to celebrate with us.  His birthday party is tomorrow.

He's not quite walking, but he is starting to stand and take steps.

Great Gramma Bigsby gave him his gift, and Sawyer wasn't quite sure what he was supposed to do here.  He was more interested in the tissue paper at first.

Grammy gave Sawyer a toy choo choo train, and he loved it.
His first year has gone by so so very fast.  Every sleepless night has been completely worth it.
I've really learned to treasure every moment of his baby hood.  I will miss his baby smell, his baby feet, I will miss him nursing and cooing.  I will miss him crawling around saying "Mama"
But I also look forward to his first sentences, and seeing him walk and run.  I look forward to him exploring the world around him as he learns about the world.
With kids you get to learn the world all over again.  Children see things differently, and if you pay attention you can see things like that too.  

Peace and love....

Little Angelina Ballerina

October 3, 2012

Us dance Moms took the girls to see Angelina Ballerina the play in Chambersberg P.A.
Jaylee was really looking forward to one on one time with me, without her little brothers tagging along.

We got there a little early, so we did a little window shopping.
She loved looking at all of the Halloween decorations.

The girls have all been dancing together since they were 3 years old.

It was such a cute little theater, and the kids loved it.