Monday, September 17, 2012

Marshall's First Day of Pre-K

September 4, 2012
My baby is growing up.

All ready for school.
He was SO excited!!

Marshall posing with his big sis on his big day.

This is the same spot that I always posed Jaylee on her first day of school.
Here we were getting ready to head into school, and he still wasn't nervous.
His little lips never stopped moving on the drive to school!

Once we got into the gym he started to get nervous.  He clung close to me and didn't want to sit on the bleachers with his class mates.  And that was ok.

It was time to line up.  Notice ALL of the boys, and only 4 girls!

When we got into his classroom, he remembered his spot from orientation and he sat right down.
He grabbed his pencil, and he was ready to go!

He did so well.
Me on the other hand....

I stayed strong until I walked away from that classroom.
It was so hard for me.  It is just flying by, and once they start school it goes by so much faster.
I love being a Mommy, and it's amazing watching them grow and experience life, but it also makes my heart ache.  I'm so behind on this blog, and he's been in school for a few weeks now and he absolutely LOVES it!!  And that makes it so much easier for me.  He has a wonderful teacher and it's a great group of kids.

Peace and love....