Saturday, August 4, 2012

Grandpa Bigsby's 80th Birthday Party

Today we celebrated my Grandpa's 80th birthday.
It was a beautiful sunny day.  My Grandparents live in my Great Grandfather's old house, it's right on the river in Baldwinsville NY.

Aunt Carol and Mom talking on the dock, Sawyer looks so cute holding onto the flag.

The kids hanging out at their table.

It's tradition for the man turning 80 in our family to dress all crazy!!
They dressed my Gramps (my Great Grandpa) up when he turned 80, so it was only fair to do the same to Grandpa.

My Dad and my Uncle Scott.

My Mom and my Uncle Donnie.

Aunt Sandy helping my Gramma put out all of the food.

My Aunt Terri and my cousin Stacy

My Uncle Skip and his Great Grand daughter Aurora

We called my Aunt Carol the baby whisperer because the baby who "never" sleeps, fell right asleep in her arms.

Me and my crazy kids!!

Me and my Grandpa.  He is such a special person in my life!
I love him so much.

Russ and my Grandma.
She is one amazing lady!

A bunch of the family hanging out.

Cake time!!
The kids helped him blow out his candles.

We had such a good time!  It was so nice seeing everyone.  I tried to get pictures of everyone, but I missed a few people.  I can't believe that my Grandfather is 80.  I remember spending most of my summers with my Grandparents.  We used to go camping, fishing and would travel all over in their RV.  
They took me to Disney when I was 9 years old.  I will never forget those memories.
My Grandparents mean the world to me and they are such an important part of my life.

So we tried to get a group photo here of my Grandparents, their two sons, their two Grand daughters and their three Great Grand babies....
I have to say that this is the funniest family photo EVER!
My Dad's face is split in half by a pole, my head is cut off, you can only see half of my Uncle's face, my Grandfather isn't even looking at the camera and both of my kids look miserable!!

My family means the world to me... even though I live far from them I hope they realize how important they are to me.

Peace and love.....

Monday, July 30, 2012

Deep Creek Lake

We went on our mini vacation to Deep Creek Lake Maryland again this year.  We drove up to Maryland on a Thursday and stayed until Sunday.
Our good friends The Betterelli's went with us.

We got an early start on the road on Thursday.
We couldn't check into "The Birds Nest" our little house until 4:00, so we stopped at Swallow Falls to hike down to the falls.  We put the kids swim suits on under their clothes so that they could swim.

Jaylee and Russ and the kids at the top of the falls.

It was so pretty.  It had bridges, and really pretty walk ways.

The kids climbed around on the rocks and swam under the falls.
The water was pretty shallow, it came up to their chests.  We just had them wear their water shoes so that the rocks wouldn't hurt their feet.

Sawyer enjoyed his first hike with us.  He loved riding on my back in the back carrier, he loved it so much that he fell asleep.

Russ adjusted the rain hood so that it would support his head a little better.

On Friday we woke up and it was an over cast, drizzly day.
We hung out and relaxed around the house and then decided to take the kids to the arcade where they could also do mini golf and go karts.

Fun at the arcade!

Mini Golf

We drove the big Go Karts and the kids rode with us, but they also had a little kid track where they could drive these little go karts.

Jaylee and Riley loved the Go Karts.  Marshall was too nervous to try driving one, but he loved riding along with Daddy!

Then we headed back to the house and relaxed in the hot tub for a bit while Russ grilled us up some steaks and corn on the cob!

After dinner Russ made us a camp fire so the kids could roast marshmallows.

Jaylee and Riley relaxing by the fire side

My little fire bug

Sawyer munching on a marshmallow

Me and Sawyer

BUSTED!!  He made a big mess and he was so proud :)

Saturday wasn't as rainy as the day before, but it was pretty chilly outside.  It was too cold to head to the beach so we spent the day at Wisp resort where we could ride the mountain coaster.  Jaylee and Riley also did the Chipmunk zip line course for kids.

They loved the zip line course!  They did it twice.
My camera battery died on me, so my friend Coby took these pictures of the kids.

Since Marshall was too nervous to try to zip line we let him sift a bag of dirt and he found all sorts of really neat gems and rocks.

He loved doing this!!  Again sorry for the poor quality pictures I took them on my phone.

Our last day on Sunday was perfect!  It was sunny and hot so it was the perfect day to go to the beach

This was Sawyer's first time at the beach.  He loved it.  He was so funny.  He kept pushing his hands through the sand and then he would stare at his hands.

Marshall loved playing in the sand and swimming in the lake.

Sawyer wasn't too sure about the water because it was a little cold.
He would crawl down to the water and then he would cry when the water touched him.

The girls were like little fishes

Gotta love sandy baby feet!

We had such a great time!  We were so thankful that the last day was finally warm and sunny enough to spend time on the beach.  We are very lucky to have such great friends to do this trip with.

Peace and love.....