Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Vacation Part 5, Mexico and Pirate Night

 We woke up in Cozumel Mexico!

 We found this little park that was lined with all of these statue animals.  The kids insisted on sitting on EVERY single one!

 The coast and the water was beautiful!

 Jaylee got a case of the sillys!!

 My husband the ham bone!

 The ocean was so incredibly blue.

Passed out from partying in Mexico all day!

We got back to the ship and rested.  Then it was time to get the kids dressed up for Pirates of the Caribbean Night.

Stitch was the highlight of the night.  He loved Marshall.  He kept tickling him and chasing him around.  Marshall tickled him back and he fell over.  When we walked away, he chased after us and played peek a boo with the kids from behind a pole.

Marshall's turn to be silly!

This was by far the best towel animal we had!  It took the kids a few minutes to find it.  At first they were all bummed, thinking there wasn't going to be one, and then they saw it!  It was so neat, we left it hanging there the whole next day.

Again, we had a wonderful, perfect day!  The kids were pretty tired from two days of exploring off of the ship in a row.  Then being up past 10 at night for the Pirate deck party and fireworks.  I was so impressed at so well behaved they were.  They travel so well.

More to come tomorrow.....
Peace and love......

Vacation Part 4, Grand Cayman Island

 Since I am a complete turtle FANATIC, this was my favorite thing that we did!!  We got to hold baby sea turtles at a sea turtle farm on the Grand Cayman Island.  They hatch the sea turtles there and then release them when they become a certain age.

 Jaylee was a little nervous holding him, he was a little squirmy.

 They are so cool, see the sea bird hitching a ride on his shell!

These were the bigger ones, they were so heavy, and strong!

Taking a break in the shade, it was pretty hot out that day.

Russ wanted to do a little snorkeling with the turtles, so I took the kids to the pool.

The little stinker tried to splash me!

Marshall drinking fresh coconut milk from a coconut!

Once back on the ship we napped, ate dinner and found some characters to visit.

 Every night we would come back to the room to find a different towel animal waiting for us, along with some chocolates.

Even after a long day Jaylee was all smiles!

Peace and love.......

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Vacation Part 3, Formal Night WARNING Lots of Pictures!!!

We woke up the next morning and could see Cuba in the distance.
This day was a full day at sea, headed towards Grand Cayman Island.

So we did the logical thing, spent the day at the pool!  Where Marshall became "magically" potty trained for the next 2 days.  We told him that if he peed or pooped in the pool that they would kick him out,  the whole pool would be shut down and drained and then no one could go swimming.


 All dressed up for formal night, and a tea party with Alice and the Mad Hatter!

Marshall liked it because there was free apple juice and COOKIES!

Breakin' it down on "Beat Street"

Can he get any cuter, I mean really.......

I have the greatest kids in the world!   I can't wait to see what baby #3 is like!

I told you that we taught him to tip his hat!  Look at his face, priceless!

I am so lucky to have such a great guy!

Marshall was a little shy with Daisy Duck

Obviously Mickey Mouse is Marshall's favorite, but Donald comes in at a close second!

They thought this was pretty funny, when Donald put Marshall's hat on!

When we walked away from Donald Marshall said to him "Ahhh Pickle Juice!"
Another perfect day aboard the Disney Magic!
The kids are already saying that they miss Disney.  So do I.  You really leave all of your worries behind, and they spoil you rotten!  Your every need is taken care of, and they go above and beyond to make sure that you and your kids are happy and comfortable!

More to come soon......

Peace and Love.....