Saturday, March 10, 2012

We got pet bunnies!!

It was supposed to be a surprise.... but Jaylee stumbled upon the rabbit cage in the garage!
So we decided to get things ready together as a family.

Jaylee and Marshall helped Daddy put the cage together.

Marshall even sat with Sawyer to keep him company.

Then of course they got inside the cage when I joked that the cage was to keep the kids in!!

Jaylee picked a spot for their house and toys.
Marshall picked a spot for the food bowl and water.

Tada!!  The finished product...
And these are our two Holland Lop bunnies.  They don't have names yet.  So far Marshall wants to name one "Jack Underpants", and Jaylee wants to name one "Fluffy".... we shall see.....
The poor things are still a little nervous, so the kids haven't had a chance to hold them yet.  We are going to let them get used to their new surroundings first.

Aren't they cute!!
They will be spoiled rotten here, just like the other furry creatures that we have in our home!!
Peace and love.....