Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Jaylee turns 4!

Wow. On March 19th my baby girl turned 4 years old!
It really feels like yesterday that she was a newborn baby. In the fall she will start going to school. Every year seems to come and go faster then the last. How do you slow down time again??
I am so lucky to have my little family. I have a good husband and two wonderful kids. I really can't complain. Lately life is chaotic and loud. So so so loud! I can't seem to find that magic remote control with that mute button. My house is always messy and I am constantly wiping off dirty hands, faces and butts. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

She amazes me, the things that she knows already. She is so smart. I love seeing her point of view with things. She only sees the good in this world. She never sees the bad. When she does experience the bad in the world, she just doesn't understand.
If more people could view the world the way that a child does I am convinced that this world would be a better place. No one would be judged by the color of their skin, or the shape of their body. No one would be judged by their profession or their choice of religion.
And the world would be much more fun and interesting to live in.
My children remind me on a daily basis to see the positive before the negative in everything.

When Jaylee grows up I will miss moments like this, when I find her fast asleep on the top of her toy shelf. She threw down most of her stuffed animals, then she brought up her sleeping bag and pillow and fell fast asleep. Life would be so dull without having Jaylee and Marshall around.
Peace and Love.......