Monday, September 3, 2012

Jaylee's First Day of 1st Grade

August 21, 2012
Jaylee's First Day of School

Not only is Jaylee starting First Grade, but she is starting in a new school!
We already met her teacher "Mrs. Cox"  and Jaylee loves her.  

She's all ready to go!

Waiting at the bus stop.
Jaylee will be riding the bus this year for the first time.
She was so excited she just ran right up there, and I barely got a picture in time!!

It seems just like yesterday that she was just a baby and now she is in the First Grade!
It's just crazy to me.

Peace and love.....

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Freund/Tiffany/Lederhouse Reunion

The weekend of August 11, 2012

We had family in town this weekend.
My Uncle Dave, his wife Jennifer and their two kids Sarah and Kevin came to Virginia from New York state to visit us.

We took the metro into D.C.

We went to Ford's Theater first.  

The family looking down from the upper balcony.
Below is the actual booth that President Lincoln was shot in.

Ford's Theater

While we were in D.C. my cousin Josh, his wife Hanna, and their 3 girls Norah, Lucy and Emma met up with us.  They are visiting us from North Carolina.

It was so nice getting all of the kids together.

Josh, Hanna, Norah and Lucy

Sawyer pointing to the White House

Dave and Kevin having a moment.

We were rebels and dared to allow the kids to wade where it clearly stated "NO WADING"

Jaylee and Norah really hit it off!

Norah the little stinker was pretending to have fallen asleep.
She faked me out!

Marshall being a goof!

The kids making silly faces while we waited for the metro to head back to the house.

I think this was my favorite moment of the weekend.
Sunday breakfast.  The kids got us fresh eggs, and Russ cooked us up an all American breakfast!

The cook


After breakfast it was time for a wrestling match with Uncle Dave

Followed up with a little arts and crafts

Telling Uncle Dave a secret

Sarah and Sawyer were inseparable....

Norah and Jaylee played so well together!

Lucy was so proud of her block tower!

Then a little more wrestling!!  

Of course the kids loved egg hunting!

We ended the evening with a good ole' fire.

There's nothing like a fake moustache to make the evening!!

It was so wonderful having my family here.
We had such a great time together!!