Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sawyer's One Month Birthday

Today is Sawyer's one month birthday!  He took a nap in his crib today for the very first time!

I can't believe it's been a month already!  
I can't wait for his little personality to start shining through.
Peace and love....

Marshall's dressed for work

The other morning I told Marshall to go pick out his clothes for the day and this is what he came down with!  He said that he wanted to wear his "work" clothes like Daddy does.

He wore it all day long....
Peace and love....

Random Baby Cuteness!!

Halloween 2011 and There is A New Pumpkin In Town!!

Pumpkin carving!!

Marshall was so funny, he was completely disgusted with the whole emptying of the "pumpkin guts" 
He gagged and covered his mouth...

So Daddy and I did most of the work!  Daddy carved the pumpkin and I scooped out all of the pumpkin and seeds.

So here they are with the finished products!

It was Sawyer's first Halloween!  Since he was born in October I had to dress him up as a pumpkin!

Jaylee and Marshall decided to go as pirates.  

You can see how differently they play the part!!
Marshall was really into it....

Peace and love......