Monday, May 20, 2013

March Snow Storm

March 6, 2013
Usually March starts off with warmer weather.
Not this year!

This is our newest addition to our family.  She is a French Bulldog named Stella.
She fits right in with the other dogs.  She is so great with the kids, but since she just turned a year old, we are still working on her manners.  She thinks that all of the kids toys are hers as well!

Paolo and Stella playing in the snow.

Jaylee was loving the snow!

Even our old dogs Maddie and Paolo were having a blast!  Stella brings out the puppy in the other dogs.

Marshall enjoying the snow too.

Marshall's 5th Birthday!

Feb. 16, 2013
I can't even believe that my Marshy has turned 5!
We had his party at Monkey Joes this year, and it was tons of fun.
Most every child in his pre-K class came to his party, which made him so happy.

He is growing up way too fast!  He can be such a wild man, but such an absolute sweet heart.
He is doing great in Pre-K.  He's reading pretty good, and it's amazing how much his hand writing has improved.

He had to get a picture with his Sissy, and also with his Mommy on his birthday!

He got to sit in the BIG birthday boy chair at his party!

Monkey Joe came in to greet the birthday boy, and all of the kids.  Notice Sawyer in the picture above. He stole his sisters birthday cake, chowed down and then threw the evidence onto the floor!

Sawyer wasn't shy at all of Monkey Joe!  He was giving him high 5's.

It was a wonderful day.  As soon as we left the party Marshall started throwing up in the parking lot!
I am so thankful that that nasty stomach bug waited until after his party to strike!

Peace and love......

Days on our farmette

Since I am so behind on my blog, here are a group of photos of the farm animals from March until May.  In March we got 10 new baby chicks.  These will be 10 more egg layers, since we have lost 5 hens since November.  We lost 4 to the stupid fox, and 1 hen was egg bound.

I also adopted 5 adorable Silkies, as well.  They are the sweetest chickens ever!

Since then we have also purchased some meat chickens as well.  They are Cornish hen crosses, they grow rapidly.  They are almost 5 weeks now, and are already the same size as my 12 week old Americaunas, and Silver laced Wyandottes.  They will be ready for butcher at 8-9 weeks.

Trip to Charlottesville Virginia December 2012

Wow am I really far behind on my blog!
Russ and I took a trip to Charlottesville for a Dave Matthews Concert and we stopped by Blenheim Winery.  It was absolutely beautiful!