Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Big Birthday Bash

Since Jaylee and Marshall's birthday's are only a month apart, we decided to have a combined birthday bash for them this year.  It worked out so well, I think it was one of the best birthday parties yet!

Marshall and his balloon Mickey Mouse ears.
The theme was Mickey and Minnie Mouse this year.  Marshall chose Mickey Mouse again as his party theme, since that is his favorite thing in the whole wide world.  We had a couple do the party that do balloon animals, comedy magic and face painting.

 It is really hard to believe that my first born is going to be 5 years old in a little over a week.  She isn't a baby anymore, she is a little girl.

The kids have no idea that they are in for a surprise of a lifetime!  In one week we will be taking a train to Florida to head out on a Disney Cruise.  So if you see them, shhhhhh it's a surprise!!  They still don't know.  :)

A good friend of ours made and designed the birthday cakes for us this year.


Marshall helping the magician do a magic trick.

Jaylee's turn to help out.

I think this was one of my favorite parts.  Look at their faces..... I can remember this feeling when I was little and everyone was singing happy birthday to me.  Their faces tell it all. 

I was a little concerned that having their parties combined would take away from each other.  That they wouldn't feel as special on their "special day", but they loved sharing a party.  They are so close, that it didn't matter.  

I don't think that they make smiles any bigger then this......

Time to make a wish!!!!

Ok, this was my other favorite moment!!  They handed Marshall his candle, and told him to lick the frosting off.  He thought it was a piece of candy and he took a bite out of his wax candle!!

Present time!  The boys huddled around Marshall and the girls huddled around Jaylee.

It was a perfect day.  All of our family and friends were there and we all had so much fun.  I still can't believe that Marshall is 3 and Jaylee will be 5.  Life is going too fast lately. 

We are so blessed to have two amazing children, and to have the family and friends in our life to join in celebrating our children.

Peace and love..........