Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Day

Christmas Morning!

Grandpa was helping Sawyer open his gift.

Sawyer playing with his loot from Santa.

Woody trying to relax during Christmas morning chaos.

It is so neat watching Sawyer play with the older two kids now.

Sawyer saying hi to his Poppa Bob

Marshall passed out snuggling with his Furby.

 The family hanging out while I prepared a big Christmas ham feast!

I loved having the family over, and having the house filled with people over the holiday.
It was just so nice.....

We even had snow over Christmas which made it even better!

Peace and love......

Christmas Eve

All spiffed up for our Christmas Eve party!

We had our family and friends come over to celebrate with us.
My Mom made a huge batch of Bake Zita, and I put together a big Olive Garden type salad. 
Kim brought all sorts of yummy dips and we had plenty of snacks.

Morgan and Sawyer were so cute with their Christmas hats.  They even gave each other a smooch.

Sawyer and Morgan claimed their presents!

We ended the night with Russ reading "Twas the night before Christmas" to the kids.

Uncle Brian showed up wearing a silly Christmas shirt, and Marshall just happened to have the same one in his closet!!

Silly boys!!

We even got a little snow on Christmas Eve!
Sawyer kept watching the snow fall on the back deck.

Peace and love.....

Joy's Kids

December 17, 2012 at 3:40 p.m.

I was pretty sure that she was in labor all day long.
I left to pick Marshall up from school and zoomed home just in time to help her deliver her twins!

 The first one born was the little girl (the white one).  She looks just like her Momma.
We named her Noel.

5 minutes later came the little boy, who we named Jack "Frost"

She immediately cleaned them off, I helped her by rubbing them with a towel.
They stood up within minutes and started nursing.

Now almost 2 weeks later look how big they are!!
They are warming up to me a little more each day.
Now they run right up to me when they see me.

The kids are loving this!
And so am I......

Peace and love.....

We were supposed to go home to NY for Thanksgiving, but our goat is due to have her
babies anytime and I was afraid to leave her.

The kids helped me bake special treats.
I'm trying....

Jaylee helped me bake cranberry bread and Marshall helped me make a pumpkin ice cake.

The kids loved playing on Poppa Bobs walker.

Yummy turkey!

It was a nice relaxing day!

Peace and love......

Disney Vacation

Yes I know I am very behind on my blog!!
In November we took a Disney Vacation.
The kids loved towing their suitcases through the airport.

Sawyer did really well on his first airplane ride.
The only time he fussed was when we were descending, and his ears started to pop.

We spend the first day in Florida with family and then we headed to our resort.
After a long day of traveling, Sawyer was really excited to have dinner!!

We stayed at Wilderness Lodge.
It was amazing!
The first few days we spent just relaxing at the hotel pool and exploring the resort.

In our hectic lives, it was so nice to just focus on each other, without having to worry about housework, and the business....

There was so much to do and see at the resort alone.

Sawyer enjoeyed the boat rides to get to the other resorts.
We were on our way to Chef Mickeys to have breakfast with the characters.

The kids got to meet all of the main characters while having a yummy breakfast.
They even got their autographs!

Sawyer leaned in and smooched Minnie Mouse.

Sawyer loved splashing in the pool!

We went down to the boardwalk one evening where there were all sorts of street performers and things.
A magician called Jaylee out of the crowd to help him do some magic tricks!

We even went for a little hike on our resort.  
There were all sorts of trails, and walking paths.

We walked around on the beach at night waiting for the electric boat parade.
The kids loved it!

The next day we headed to Downtown Disney.
There were all sorts of neat restaurants and shops.

The first park we went to was Animal Kingdom.

Marshall enjoyed a Mickey Mouse ice cream while Jaylee and Russ went on the roller coaster.

We all enjoyed watching the animals and riding rides!

We all also learned a lot about different cultures.

The kids got to participate in a native African tribal dance.
Marshall really enjoyed this.
He is usually very shy, but he got right up there and did it!

We went on a Safari ride.  Which was so much fun!

After the safari we went on an exploration trail.  The kids had little papers with all sorts of birds that they needed to identify.  They loved it!

The gorilla habitat was really really neat!

Here are the kids waiting for the train to come.

The next day we got up early to head over to Magic Kingdom.
Jaylee dressed up like Cinderella and Marshall like Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

Sawyer wore his Mickey Mouse suit!

The kids met just about all of the characters and got their autographs!

You have to do the tea cup ride!!  Well not me....

The castle was so pretty for the winter season.  It looked like it was ice covered.  It would change colors.  It was such a great experience going while the park was all decorated for Christmas.
We got to the park around 10 a.m. and didn't leave until 1 a.m.!!  Sawyer slept in the stroller while the older kids were able to re ride any ride they wanted, with no lines!!

We saw the electric parade and the fire works.  It was a wonderful time.
We were so tired the next day, so we slept in!

We all had an amazing trip.
I was so proud of how well behaved the kids were.
Even when they were tired....
They always said thank you and never begged for toys.

I am so lucky.....

Peace and love.....