Friday, January 20, 2012

The Big Brother And The Toothless Sister.......

Marshall has handled having a baby brother so incredibly well.  I am so proud of him.

Yesterday Marshall was so proud of being such an amazing big brother to Sawyer.  All day he was singing to him, and playing peek a boo with him to make him laugh.
Then he decided he was going to teach Sawyer all about the game Operation so that when he's big enough they can play the game together.
I thought that this was the cutest thing ever!

Thursday nights Jaylee has her cheer/dance class.  On the way home she was snacking on an apple, when she realized that her second loose tooth, just fell out!  But.... we think that she ate her tooth with her apple.  It was dark when we got home, so I searched the truck with a flash light just to make sure it didn't fall onto the floor, but we didn't find it.

So Jaylee wrote a note to the tooth fairy all by herself explaining our predicament.
We left the window in the truck cracked open so that if the tooth was lost somewhere in there, she could fly in and retrieve it.  If anyone knew what happened to that tooth the tooth fairy would.

How adorable is that?!
Jaylee was talking a little funny after losing her tooth, you would too if you had a gaping hole in the front of your mouth!  She interrupted herself and she said "Mommy, am I talking funny?" 
I couldn't help but laugh, I told her that she would get used to it in a day or so, and she would be talking normal again in no time!

Another day in the Lederhouse house.... never a dull moment, or a quiet one either.
But we wouldn't have it any other way.
Peace and love....

Monday, January 16, 2012

Oh What A Day.....

I must of woke up way too confident this morning.  I woke up with the thought that today was going to be great.  Relaxing, fun and a good catch up day.  Both kids are home from school because it's Martin Luther King Day.  Boy was I wrong....

This is why God makes children so cute.  Because when they're bad, you don't kill them.

All I wanted to do was put away the three HUGE baskets of clean laundry....
To the average person, that doesn't seem so difficult, right?
But to the person who has 3 children ages 5 and under, and a few dogs thrown in the mix, a simple task becomes almost impossible to finish.

At one point and I am not even exaggerating...
There was one child crying because she didn't want to clean up the HORRENDOUS mess in her closet that she made, the middle child was sitting on the toilet, screaming (over and over) "Mama come wipe my butt",  the 3 month old baby was in his swing crying because he pooped himself, and the dog was at the door barking to go out.  (Can you blame her).  And all the while I was determined to put this laundry away.  

Once everyone got tended too, my laundry got put away and the dog got let out, I sat down to feed the baby and I had to laugh.  If I watched something like this on t.v., I would have laughed the whole time.

It's so different raising the third child then when you raise the first child.  With the first two, we had them sleeping peacefully in their own bassinet by the time they were a couple of months old.
The third baby is so different.

He will only sleep through the night if he is either in his swing, or in the bed next to me, only after drifting off to sleep while nursing.  Every time it happens the alarm bells go off in my head.
I think, he is going to be so spoiled that he will never sleep in the bed alone.  In my mind I think, oh this is going to make things so much more difficult in the future.

But my heart keeps telling me different.

In my heart I know he is much more needy at night because of all of the caous during the day.
With the other two kids it was so easy to give them all of the attention that they needed during the day the moment they asked for it.  With the third child, I am running almost every single day to pick the kids up from school, or take them to their activities.
In between that I am trying to tend to our pets, the house, the laundry....
I am also trying to get meals ready, exercise and then just finding time to play with the other kids and give them the one on one time that they need.

Sawyer is such a patient, non demanding baby during the day.  He doesn't mind when I have to interrupt a nursing session to help a hurt child, or to get him bundled up because it's time to pick Jaylee up from school. 

So when evening comes and the other kids are fast asleep in bed, and everything is done and put away and I finally sit down on the couch and pick up my knitting needles, his little eyes pop open and he thinks, "Ahhh now it's MY time, I have been waiting ALL day for this"

Every child is different, and every child has different needs.
I am going to live moment to moment.
If he needs to be snuggled to fall asleep, so be it!
If he wants to rock to sleep in his swing, DONE.
If that's the only way that he and I can get a decent nights sleep, so be it!

These baby moments are going to go by so fast that I need to treasure this time.
Soon enough I am going to have to chase him down to steal kisses from him. Now he loves them.

Peace and love....

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Girl's Day Out

Today Jaylee and I left the boys at home and we had a much needed girls day out.
It's so stressful living with all of those boys!!

First stop..... Subway for lunch.
Jaylee's favorite place to eat lunch!

Although it's difficult to eat a sub with a loose tooth!

Next stop.... nail salon.
We had a mani and pedi done together.

Jaylee loved getting her nails done at the salon.  
All of the ladies fussed over how cute she was sitting there.
She picked out her own colors and chose a design to have painted on her nails.

She looked so cute in that big chair!

Pink sparkles for her fingernails.

And blue sparkles for her toes!

Then we stopped at the mall so she could pick our an outfit.
Our very last stop was Petsmart to replace a couple of her fish that died last week.
Rest in peace Sunshine and Flower.
We had so much fun spending time together.

Jaylee is such an amazing little girl and I feel so blessed to have her as my daughter.  She so deserved this day.  Life is so busy taking care of her and her little brother's that it's sometimes hard to give them the one on one time that they all need.  It's so important to take them aside and spend quality alone time with each of them.