Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Will this be the end of the terrible 2's?????

 I tucked Marshall in last night and gave him a kiss.  I told him this "Tonight you go sleep being 2, tomorrow you will wake up being 3"

It's been wonderful watching him grow and teaching him.  It's also been a challenge over the past 6 months, with him being 2 years old and being a BOY!!  He can be a little stinker, a little wild man.  He's been known to ride our dog Woody around the kitchen like a horse.  He likes to steal the toliet paper off of the bathroom sink while his Daddy sits on the comode, leaving him sitting there helpless while we all LAUGH!!  He chases the cat, and pinches his sister.  Last week he took a container of baby powder and sprinkled it over EVERYTHING in sight, he said "Look Mommy snow"

Will this be the end of the terrible 2's?  Maybe, but I will miss that stage.  What happened to my baby boy?  My baby boy is using the potty (sometimes).... and talking in sentences.  Yes he is full of mischief, but he is an amazing child.
He is smart and loving.  He protects his big sister, when he's not beating her up......  He takes care of his Mommy, and he likes helping Daddy with things.  Sometimes he seems bothered when I smother him with kisses, but I think he secretly likes it.  He still likes Mommy and Marshall snuggle Fridays, where we both go back to bed and snuggle when Jaylee leaves for school.

When we pass a man we don't know on the street, Marshall will say "Hi Guy" and wave, which always makes people laugh.

He is still the little comedian where he makes us all bust out laughing on a daily basis with all of his antics and just being Marshall.  I asked him today if he kissed any girls on Valentines Day and he replied, "No just boys and chairs"

I stopped in with him at work today, our friend Melony asked him if he was ready for his birthday spankens.  He made a face, turned around and left.  Didn't say a word, and he didn't return.   I guess he doesn't relize that tradition quite yet.  He wasn't into it, that is for sure.

It's amazing how fast it has gone by.  It seems like just yesterday he was just a little baby.  Now he is a little boy.  I am so proud and happy of the little man he is becoming.  Good, bad and indifferent he has a personality all of his own.  We love every part of him.  
Happy 3rd Birthday Marshall, we love you so very much, always and forever.

Peace and love........