Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snowed in

Today was a magical day.

A day to realize that the little moments in life, really are
the best moments.

A day to act like a kid again.

Thirty inches of snow fell on us within a 24 hour period of time.
I am from New York state, up there that amount of snow is the normal routine.
But down here in West Virginia, not so normal!

The dogs and us all had so much fun playing in the snow.
The day couldn't have gone anymore perfectly.

Jaylee has always loved playing in the snow.
She is such a free spirit, would we expect anything else from her?!

The last time we had a snow storm Marshall did not like the snow.
He thought it was nice to look at from a distance.
Once he got out there and touched the snow, he realized how cold
it was and he was not a happy camper! This time he actually loved playing in the snow.

Today we built memories. It was all because we had fun with the little things.
We spent quality time together, and didn't worry about anything else. Today was another day
of our little moments frozen in time.
Peace and love.....