Monday, May 31, 2010

Smile, laugh and just take a look around.

The world must seem so big and endless for a toddler.
Can you imagine being that small and experienceing life while not completely understanding
everything and how things work?
The roles can be reversed. Children seem to experience happiness and sillyness
without even having to try. Adults should learn how to do that
again. It's not as easy for us big people. Could we get away with stuffing a bunch of food in our cheeks, looking like a chipmunk. Yeah, probably but we wouldn't look as cute doing it.

Children need us to learn, grow and develop; but we need children to stay grounded.
Us adults have trouble finding time in our busy schedules to actually
enjoy our life. We are so busy that we don't notice the little things in life that
are the most important.

The days of hide and seek and playing pretend were long gone for me.
Now that I am a parent I have an excuse to play hide and seek
and pretend. I miss those days when summer starts and school ends. Those days were great.
I always thought that they were gone. Now I get to do it all over again
with my kids.

Remember to smile, to laugh and just take a look around. If you really look at the things around you, you will see how wonderful and beautiful the world really is. When you notice your little one, stareing at a bug or a flower in amazement, just look. Everything is so new to them. We've seen that thing thousands of times, so we don't really look anymore. But if you really,really look, you will see how amazing this world really is.
Peace and love.........