Tuesday, June 16, 2015

My Birthday Weekend - May 30th 2015

We have a new addition to our farmette!
Dixie the Great Pyrenees.  She is 8 weeks old here.
We are having a huge fox problem, the foxes keep killing our chickens.  The house dogs do good while they are outside, but they are house dogs, and like to be inside when we are inside.

We are hoping that Dixie can be trained to be an all outside flock protector, home and children protector and all around farm dog!

My Mom and Grandmother were here visiting for a few days.  We took them for a ride to the farm to pick up Dixie and then we took a drive to Skyline Drive to get some famous Blackberry cobbler and blackberry ice cream

It was a little chilly up there on the mountains, so Mom and Gramma had to get a sweatshirt.  They chose the same one without realizing it!!  I think it was a good excuse for a souvenir.

We had such a great time.
It's the first visit since my Grandfather passed away.  It was very very hard seeing her without him, but I decided to be strong because I know he wouldn't want me to dwell on it.  I needed to treasure the time I got to spend with them.

This is what happens when I try to get a group photograph of the 3 of them!

Notice how Marshall is holding him in with a stick!

Beautiful scenery!!

We had a wonderful time!  It was a strange day though.  All of these weird things kept happening.
It started with picking up the puppy, who has never ridden in a car before.  She pooped and then she started vomiting, over and over and over....  She was a lot bigger then what I thought, so she didn't fit in the animal carrier that I brought.

We were on these back curvy roads, and there was no place to pull over.  The kids and my Mom were all gagging.  We were laughing because my Mom was acting like one of the kids.  She was saying things like "Please tell me we are almost there"  And "Oh I can't take it"

Then we had a lady pull right out in front of me, while I was going full speed.
I was heading right for her drivers side door.  There was no way I could stop without hitting her.  I pulled a stunt car driver move.  I swerved to the right into a parking lot and drove right in between the back end of her car and a telephone pole.

I just reacted.  I heard my Grandmother say "Ooohhhh my God"
My Mom was just very very quiet.  And then she said "I don't know how you did that"

Then on the way back home Sawyer unrolled his window, the wind caught his hat and out it flew.
I saw it bouncing in the road in my mirror.  Sawyer screamed and cried "My hat"  My Mom thought he screamed "A cat!"  She thought I hit a cat.  She saw something fly by the window and she closed her eyes, thinking I just squished a cat.  I turned around and pulled over.  Ran out across lanes of a busy highway to rescue Sawyer's baseball cap!

At this point we were laughing at all of the weird things happening!

We got home and Russ barbecued a nice steak dinner with salad and corn on the cob.
It was such a great birthday.

They left the next day, I was so sad.  It was nice sitting on the front porch with them in the evenings, drinking wine and just talking.

It's a visit that I will never forget.

Peace and love....

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